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TRWM Supports Festka Bikes launch party at Peddlr in Fitzroy

Festka bikes are here! In an exciting new launch on February 11th, importers and our partners Bicycle Buyer are showing 4 of their fresh new Festka bikes.

The bikes are a popular choice in Europe, are all custom ordered and built, and are more certain to turn heads wherever you go than anything else out there. If you don't trust my recommendation of their claim to fame, just check out their insane works or art on Instagram here.

Mike from TRWM was on-site at 7am, building a pretty Festka in front on the eyes of riders as they rolled in from their morning ride to have a coffee and free brekky. This was a great talking point for the morning, showcasing the brilliant service and collaboration between TRWM and Bicycle Buyer.

Festka bikes will be shipped out to customers, and will come complete with a visit from The Rapid Wrench to build them up at your door, and also provide services later down the track, all included in the package!

Coffee Peddlr was the perfect venue to hold the launch event, which will be just one of many. Great service, brekky, warm bevvies and atmostphere was provided.

An amazing bike polo bike makes an appearance!

Coffee Peddlr's sense of style also features a cool clothing and cycle wear section.

Keep a keen eye out for these bikes as they hit the streets, and of course if you are interested in one, please contact

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