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Event Support: Victorian Enduro Tour 2015, Round 3 at Mt Baw Baw

Over the weekend of 12-13 December we again supported the Victorian Enduro Tour run by Alpine Gravity. It was a busy weekend having to cater to over 200 riders.

Saturday was ridiculously cold, any I quite simply couldn't get warm until the end of the day. Reaching minus 2 degrees and snowing at the top, it hurt. However Sunday was amazing mid 20's weather!

The riders raced through 5 decsending timed trail races to compete within their class. The times from the 5 stages are combined to give the final time result.

This Round featured much more aggressive terrain, and much shorter trails with not too much climbing. The real kicker of the event was the final stage being run on DH1, the Mt Baw Baw official downhill track. It's rocky, steep, gnarly and has many jumps.

On Saturday at after practice the Big Air Bag was set up nice and close to the village, it could be viewed from the decks of the diner close by. A massive ten foot high jump was set up before it so you could send you and your bike to your hearts content- for free! It was a great sight to see, with kids throwing 360's and backflips on the Enduro bikes. I even let my mate Stas take the V10 Rapid Wrench promo bike for a hoon off of it.

We ripped through quite a lot of repairs over the weekend, and many tire and brake pad sales.

For more information about Mt Baw Baw downhill shuttles, XC riding, trail guides and lessons, road riding and more, see:

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