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Free Tune-Ups: VicRoads Travel Happy Safety Campaign

In April 2015, The Rapid Wrench's services were employed by VicRoads as part of the "Travel Happy" safety campaign. We set up shop on Melbournes busiest trails through Docklands and Northcote, offering free tune-ups to commuters. All they had to do was voice a pledge to do their bit to ride safer, which was eventually aired on TV and online to the masses.

Matt Keenan, a cycling commentator who regularly forms part of the international commentary team at the Tour de France, is one of the voices of the campaign and he was also present.

The campaign has seperate days and placements to target specific road user groups such as motorcycles, pedestrians, cars, trucks, and cyclists.

We were glad to offer the FREE tune-ups to Melbourne commuters as they poured on through. Even on the second day which was raining something silly, the commuters were found lining up to voice their opinion on road safety and get their free tune up and some healthy snacks.

For more information on the overall campaign, go here:

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