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Introducing the Sell My Bike Package

Have your bike serviced, tuned, photographed and listed for sale online in no time

$130 not including the General Service

$250 including the General Service


Are you trying to sell a valuable bike that you really want to get the best price for? Do you lack the time or knowledge of how to list your bike on popular online bike sales avenues? Have you considered hiring a professional to do all the hard yards for you?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then this service is for you. The best part is that once the process is done you will not only sell your bike 4-5 times quicker, but you'll likely sell it for more. This process can take a tedious 3.5-5 hours to do properly, so let us take the effort off your hands.



This service includes:

- A General Service valued at $130, to get your bike cleaned, degreased, and functioning perfectly. Any worn parts can be replaced at this time to. Have the confidence to offer potential buyers a test ride to confirm the bike is up to their standard. A General Service will make sure its good to go.

- Frame and all components cleaned in immaculate detail.
- Bike frame is polished with a high shine silicone coating. This will dull and fill the effect of nasty grazes and scratches, and make your bike look new again.

- 12-15 high definition photos will be taken with a DSLR camera featuring all angles of the bike, as well as close up shots of any damage or scarring. I'll be able to make the bike look its absolute best, while showing buyers that theres nothing to hide. Images are uploaded on Flickr Premium image hosting service for public viewing in full detail.

- Optional (add $50): I will film a 2 minute walk around video in full high definition. I will talk about a few keys points on the bike, as well as giving it my personal recommendation. It will be uploaded on my YouTube channel for extra exposure, as well as embedded on your sales listings. This give buyers a better look and greater confidence.

- A complete write up of the parts on your bike and their condition. All sale information is included such as: location, pickup/postage, reason for selling, price and conditions, contact details.

- Provide instructions to list your bike on the following avenues for ultimate exposure including all the above material on:

1. 2 x Facebook Buy/Swap/Sell pages
2. Bike Exchange (cost of listing not included)
3. eBay (cost of listing not included)
4. Gumtree local listing
5. forums


General Service


Recommended every 6-12 months, or every 3-6 months if ridden multiple days per week. Also a great option before long bike tours, or after muddy rides.

This ensures your bike last for as last as it should: smooth, clean, quiet, and safe.


- Visual inspection of frame and forks

- Check chain, cassette and chainrings for wear

- All drivetrain parts are cleaned and degreased on the bike

- Check and replace as necessary gear and brake cables

- Derailleur hanger checked for alignment

- Gears adjusted to run smoothly

- Disc rotors checked for wear and alignment

- Check brake pads for wear and replace if neccessary. Adjust Brakes

- Check headset for play and adjust

- Check wheel bearings and adjust

- Check for play in bottom bracket and adjust

- Lubricate chain, cables, derailleur's and brake pivots

- Tires checked for cracks, holes, wear, and then inflated to correct pressure

- Check all bolts tightened to correct torque and road test.

General Service for Sell bike

Included General Service below

Example Video on YouTube

Example Photos on Dropbox

This is what the video of your bike will look like.

It can be accessed straight from a YouTube link, OR it can be embedded on to an eBay, GumTree, Bike Exchange, or Rotorburn sale as you see here.

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