Minimum spend and call-out fees

The minimum labor charge is $130 inc GST. We travel anywhere from our base in Caulfield. The first 10km are free, further distances are charged at $5 per km. This allows us to expand our current coverage of Melbourne.


Spare parts

Spare parts for the common jobs on most bikes are carried on board, such as cables, pads, chains, cassettes, chainrings, tires, tubes, bar tape, grips, and so on. All work and replacement parts will be carried out following your approval.


We keep it clean and easy

All work is carried out at our service vans on the street or your driveway, not in your lounge room. We leave no trace and require no water or electricity to operate. Rainy days- no problem.



We accept Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, bank deposit, and cash.


Group Discounts

Good discounts are available for servicing three or more bikes at a time. See if you can get some friends and colleagues together at work and have a corporate service day.

General labor rate for all work including diagnosis, repair, and service: $120 per hour.

Do you need care for a specific area of your bike, or particular service. Take your pick below

Specific service charges

Approximate prices of common parts

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