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Call us for an instant booking: 0416 177 802

Email us: mike@therapidwrench.com

Servicing Hours: All services require a booking by phone or email. For a quick response when  booking or enquiring, please call Mike.

MONDAY - FRIDAY: 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Weekends: Reserved for events only

Onsite Servicing: Full coverage of Melbourne


We go far and wide to please busy bike riders, covering most inner and outer regions of Melbourne.


Surprisingly, we don't charge call-out fees!*

Contact us NOW to get a quote on the minimum requirements for your job and location.

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Mountain Bike Services

We don't charge call-out fees..

..however, we do require a minimum spend on labor to make a booking, depending on your area. The minimum for most of Melbourne is around $85 (less than a General Service). Please call for a quote. All pricing includes GST.


Spare parts

Replacement of normal wearing parts (chain, cassette, chainrings and brake pads) do not incur an additional labour charge for their fitting. How's that for value? All work will be carried out following your approval.


We keep it clean and easy

All work is carried out at our service vans on the street or your driveway, not in your lounge room. We leave no trace and require no water or electricity to operate. Rainy days? No problem.



We accept Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, PayPal, bank deposit, and cash.


Group Discounts

Good discounts are available for servicing three or more bikes at a time. See if you can get some friends and colleagues together at work and have a corporate service day.

The "Go-To" service

- Check drive-train for wear

- Chain and chain-rings degreased on-bike.

- Cassettes are cleaned in our parts washer

- Replace gear and brake cables as necessary (new cables $5)

- Derailleur hanger alignment

- Gears adjusted to run smoothly

- Lubricate chain, cables, derailleur's and brake pivots

- Brakes adjusted for maximum power and feel

- Disc rotors checked for wear & alignment

- Brake pads are changed if needed (new pads $30 per end)

- Check and adjust headset

- Check and adjust bottom bracket

- Tires checked for cracks, holes, wear, then inflated

- Tighten all bolts to correct torque

- Road test.

General Service (60-90 mins)


Recommended every 6-12 months, or every 3-6 months if ridden multiple days per week. Also a great option before long bike tours, or after muddy rides.

This ensures your bike lasts for as long as it should: smooth, clean, quiet, and safe.


Most Popular

Pro Service (1.5-2.5 hours)


Recommended for off-road bicycles every 6-12 months, and road bikes every 12 months. A great option to take extra care for bikes that get ridden on rough terrain or through harsh conditions like mud or water. Extra time is spent on the wheelset health, as well as opening and cleaning areas where earth and water can pool.


Contains everything from the General Service, plus:


- Cassette and chainrings/cranks removed and degreased in detail with our powered parts washer

- Remove bottom bracket bearings, flush with new grease

- Full headset bearing service, forks are removed

- Minor wheel true (on-bike)


Optional: Add F+R wheel bearing and freehub overhaul for $40 (20% off)

Off-Road Overhaul (4+ hours)

Recommended for dual-suspension mountain bikes every 6-12 months. The brakes and suspension get special attention with this service to ensure proper operation in the long term, and optimal efficiency and safety now.


Contains everything from the Pro Service, plus:


- Hydraulic disc brake bleed (if required)

- Wheel bearing and freehub overhaul

- Minor wheel true on-bike if required

- Full suspension pivot service

- Tubeless tires; clean up and check sealant level

- Clear coat spray on frame and forks

Full Strip and Service (3.5-4.5 hours)


Recommended every 2 years. All cables are replaced, resetting the brake and gear feel to new. All bearings are re-packed with fresh grease for longevity of components.


The main benefit of this service over the Off-Road Overhaul is the full change of cables ($40 of parts included). Great for hard-tails or older MTB's.


Contains everything from the Pro Service, plus:


- Wheel bearing and freehub overhaul

- Full wheel truing included if necessary

- All inner and outer cables are replaced on the bike without further charge. 

- Fit new bar tape (tape costs extra if requested).

- All components removed from the bike and cleaned in immaculate detail with our powered parts washer

- High detail look for frame dents, cracks or other damage

- Clear coat spray on frame and forks.

Maintainence to consider

Suspension Fork Rebuild (40-60 mins)

Recommended for mountain-bike forks every year for most riders (riding 2-4 times per month), or every 6 months (if riding 1-2 times per week). 


Don't wait till its too late! Avoid expensive fork damage that remains hidden inside the fork until it is opened and inspected.


In this service, our aim is to return the fork back to the factory standard. We inspect for damage and correct damper function before replacing the tired, worn seals with new genuine ones. We replace the oil which has picked up dirt or vanished through the seals so that the fork bushes and stanchions are protected. After re-assembling the forks we check the condition of the headset and give it a clean before re-fitting to the bike. Lastly, we help you get the correct air pressure and settings.


- Remove forks completely from bike and clean them

- Separate the upper and lower legs and clean the internals

- Check for wear and damage

- Check for correct damper and air spring function

- Replace genuine oils and seals

- Clean headset and fittings

- Re-assemble, fit to the bike, check brake pad alignment

- Assist you with correct air pressure and settings


Includes $80 of labor and $50 for genuine seals and oil

Suspension Pivot Rebuild (40-60 mins)

Recommended for suspension frames every 1-2 years depending on the pivot system and ride conditions (more wet and mud riding requires this more often).


Don't put up with a noisy bike and average bump absorbsion. Let us take care of those pivots.


Our aim is to keep your bearings and bushes in good shape so that they last, increase suspension performance, prevent play, and keep quiet.


- Check bolt torque

- Remove and inspect all pivot bushings or bearings

- Clean all components

- Replace waterproof grease inside sealed bearings

- Replace worn bushings or bearings (extra parts cost if necessary)

- Re-fit, torque to spec and test ride

Depends on frame type, number of pivots and difficulty