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Kids Bike and

Single Speed Services

Minimum spend and call-out fees

The minimum labor charge is $130 inc GST. We travel anywhere in metro Melbourne. The first 10km from Richmond, Surrey Hills, and Oakleigh are free, and additional distance is charged at $4 per km in one direction. Small/quick jobs within the areas above still require a call-out fee, usually $40-50 on top of job cost (things like punctured tubes, broken chain, quick quotes on-site).

Spare parts

Spare parts for the common jobs on most bikes are carried on board, such as cables, pads, chains, cassettes, chainrings, tires, tubes, bar tape, grips, and so on. All work and replacement parts will be carried out following your approval.


We keep it clean and easy

All work is carried out in our service vans on the street or your driveway, not in your lounge room. We leave no trace and require no water or electricity to operate. Rainy days are no problem.



We accept Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, bank deposit, and cash (no change carried).


Group Discounts

Good discounts are available for servicing three or more bikes at a time. See if you can get some friends and colleagues together at work and have a corporate service day.

Please note: A minimum labor spend of $130 per call-out applies due to travel time and expenses, however, there is no actual call-out fee if you're within the call-out free zone. Contact us if you're unsure.


- Adjust brakes
- Adjust gears
- Torque all nuts and bolts

- Adjust headset

- Check drivetrain for wear

- Check brake pads for wear, replace if necessary ($10-30 per end)

- Lubricate all moving parts

- Tires safety check and inflation​

Kids Bike Service (30-45 mins)
12/16/20/24" kids bikes without gears


Recommended once per year, this service ensures your children's bike lasts as it should, and most importantly, is safe. A kids bike has only a single front gear.

Depends on each bike

- Full bike wash

- Check drive-train for wear

- Full drivetrain clean

- Replace gear and brake cables as necessary (new cables $8)

- Chain tension and wheel alignment

- Lubricate chain, cables, derailleur's and brake pivots

- Brakes adjusted

- Disc rotors check and align

- Brake pads are changed if needed (new pads $20-30 per end)

- Adjust headset

- Adjust bottom bracket

- Tire check and inflation

- Torque check all fittings

- Road test


Singlespeed Service (45-60 mins) 
For adult bikes with a single gear only, front and rear

Recommended every 8-12 months, or every 4-6 months if ridden multiple days per week. Also a great option before long bike tours, or after muddy rides.

This ensures your bike lasts for as long as it should: smooth, clean, quiet, and safe.

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