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Just some legal stuff, operational procedures, and house keeping

- ​Bookings

  • Customer bookings can be made via phone, email, or website booking. In order to make the most efficient use of time and distances, your desired booking time and date may not be available. We will do our best to book you in at a time and date of your convenience, however please understand that on certain days we may be unable to attend your location due to scheduling conflicts.

  • Booking times may be altered by the business in order to best suit travel requirements on the day. You will be notified of any changes to your booking before they are made.

- Discretion based on the bike or location for service.

  • The business reserves the right to deny to service bicycles that the mechanic deems to be unsafe to work on.

  • The business reserves the right to deny to service when the mechanic deems the location of the service, or its conditions to be unsafe to work on, and the bike can't be picked up and taken elsewhere.

- Bikes left at your address unattended.


Many customers leave bikes unattended so that we can provide service while the customer is away. Sometimes we even make this as a suggestion. Sometimes the customer needs to leave after we have started the job, and we are instructed to leave the bike in a 'safe place'. This could be at the front, side, or back of the property. Sometimes it is in a garage or shed, and we are provided a key that can be easily hidden in a discussed location. Sometimes there is a lock box. In each and every case, it is completely at the customer's discretion to take up this arrangement. The Rapid Wrench takes no responsibility for customer property stolen from their address before or after our mechanics have worked on them. Our preference is to have customers present for handover, but it isn't always the case. Our insurance covers bikes stolen or damaged while in our possession, and public liability only.

- Customers watching while we're working.


While we're happy to share tips and tricks, help teach you how best to maintain and look after your bike and show you what parts needed attention, there also comes the time when we need to concentrate on doing our best work. Please let our mechanics do their job without distractions. We get that it can be interesting seeing our mechanics at work on your precious steed, and often we're keen for a good chat about all that bike life - but please don't look over our shoulder for the whole job. It can be distracting and we need to concentrate so that we do high-quality work, on-time.

- Additional parts required. What if we can't get a hold of you?

Our standard policy when spare parts and additional labor are required is to get a go-ahead from the customer before performing additional work. Some small, inexpensive items like $8 brake cables and $2 bolts and washers are confirmed by default as they are a requirement to get the job completed to a satisfactory standard. In general, if we can't get in contact with you and can no longer continue working on other things until we get an answer, we will have to leave the bike as-is. 

- Cancellations.

Cancellations must be made a minimum of 24 hours before the scheduled service. If cancellation occurs within 24 hours of a scheduled service, the business reserves the right to charge a cancellation fee in line with the standard minimum labor charge, $130.

- No-show policy.

If we show up to a confirmed booking and you are not present:

  • We will first call or message you. We'll door knock.

  • We will see if you can allow access to the bike while you're away.

  • If we can't get access to the bike, and/or you're not contactable then this is considered a no-show.

  • We understand that our customers are human too. We can forget, we can get the day or time wrong, or forget to let us know you wanted to cancel. When this happens it directly affects our mechanic's income and schedule- we usually have a tightly packed day that is organized quite deliberately in a nice order, with jobs grouped together by location. It's time-consuming to re-organize, and we might be caught waiting for hours until the next customer becomes available. 

  • We will always attempt to re-organize a new appointment, reshuffle the day's bookings, or figure out a way to better the situation.

  • *** Depending on the reason for a no-show, or based upon the distance we traveled we may choose to charge a call-out fee for our time and expense incurred. In some circumstances, this may be our standard minimum labor spend per job: $130. This is standard practice in many trades and services, and even services where the customer attends the business's premises. ***

- When we have run out of time to complete your job.

There are many reasons why we may run out of time to complete a job, such as:

  • Jobs from earlier in the day have run over time. Sometimes multiple jobs in succession have run over time so the final job of the day is really set-back.

  • Previous jobs can run over time due to customers not realizing how bad of a state their bike is in, and it requires more work.

  • Customers can ask us to do extra work "while we're there" without telling us about it during the booking process- we try to accommodate these requests as best we can to keep everyone happy.

  • We hit unexpected difficulties while working on bikes. Sometimes parts just aren't cooperating and it slows us down, for example, parts that have been fitted too tightly, parts incorrectly fitted in the past, parts that damage or disintegrate while being worked on, tools breaking, and more.

  • We are running behind and the next customer has a very tight and important deadline.

  • Our business hours have finished.

  • We need to order more parts for your job to continue.

If we run out of time to complete your job we will do our very best to schedule a new appointment to finish the remaining service items. If we're halfway through a job we may opt to take your bike with us to complete at another time before returning. Usually, we would aim to attend within a day or two.

- Late arrival policy.

We always strive to be on time and have great communication. However, there are many situations that are out of our control that can cause us to arrive late to jobs. Some of these things are just the nature of our working setup/conditions.


Reasons we could arrive late:

  • Unforgiving traffic that we couldn't plan for.

  • Attending to enquiries.

  • Jobs from earlier in the day have run over time.

  • Previous jobs's customers not realizing how bad of a state their bike is in and more time being required.

  • Customers can ask us to do extra work "while we're there" without telling us about it during the booking process- we try to accommodate these requests as best we can to keep everyone happy.

  • We hit unexpected difficulties while working on bikes. Sometimes parts just aren't cooperating and it slows us down, for example, parts that have been fitted too tightly, parts incorrectly fitted in the past, parts that damage or disintegrate while being worked on, tools breaking, and more.

What we will do to minimize disruption to your day:

  • If you need us to arrive as on-time as possible, we will suggest the first appointment of our day.

  • We will take on-board your specific instructions - some clients have to deal with their work, kids, pets, or other responsibilities. We'll take note of this and work with you.

  • We will give you an arrival time frame when you make the booking. For example, an 11am booking means you can expect us any time between 10.30 am and 12.30 pm.

  • As soon as we realize we are going to run more than 30 mins late we will inform you either by calling or texting you, and give an updated ETA.

  • We may choose to take bikes away with us and bring them back at a later time, to make sure that we arrive on time to the following bookings, where highly necessary.

- Picking up the bike from high-rise apartments / excess time taken to access the bike and begin work vs bringing the bike to us.

Our service is designed to provide make your life easy. As part of that, we will make our best efforts to run your bike in and out of your address, over to our workshop vehicle. From time to time the distance and complexity of the location where the bike is stored can cause quite a delay in our schedule. Where possible, please have your bikes prepared to take out to our mechanic's vehicle to help make our job straightforward. In situations where we help facilitate the transport of your bike through a complex building route, please provide us with accurate and concise instructions for us when you make your booking, to ensure we can provide an efficient service.

If we need to spend more than 10-15 mins on-site, just to access the bike, we may need to:


  • Decrease the amount of time we spend working on the bike, to match your budget expectations.

  • Charge a small fee, fair and relative to the additional time required on-site.

- Smoking around our mechanics.

Our mechanics love working out in the fresh air and we'd prefer to keep it that way. Please refrain from smoking while in the presence of our mechanics. This simple courtesy would go a long way to our comfort and ability to perform our duties.

- Abusive or rude behavior around our mechanics.

  • Abusive physical or verbal behavior will not be tolerated. If there are any misunderstandings, or disputes between customers and staff, please discuss these with the staff in a calm and collected manner, OR please contact the business owner on 0416 177 802 to voice your concerns.

  • The business reserves the right to terminate a service at any time due to aggression, hostility, or poor behavior of the customer.

- Use of the mechanic's tools.

It is required that all customers refrain from interacting with our mechanic’s tools and equipment, unless given express consent by the mechanic to do so, for instance during one of our mechanics classes.

- Non-payment and time frames.

Unless otherwise specified, our payment terms are 'due on completion'. For organizations such as schools, charities, big city buildings, and corporate clients, an extension of 2 weeks may be permissible to account for payment run schedules.

If we don't receive a payment we will attempt to contact you by phone, SMS, or email. If we can't contact you for 2 weeks we will try to reach you at the job address. If no payment or contact can be organized, we may engage a collection agency, even for small claims.

- Can I bring the bike to you?

In short, no. We are strictly a mobile service. Our mechanics have private residences and we don't have a commercial base of operations - not yet. We may choose to bring customers' bikes home for further completion of a job, however, customers aren't permitted to attend a mechanic's address.

- Parts.

  • Parts required for jobs may not be in stock at the time of service, and will potentially need to be ordered. Parts ordering can take a minimum of 2 days, and up to a week to receive from suppliers. In the case of parts on order, we may prefer to bring your bike back to our home base workshop and return it to you when the parts come in, and the job is completed. This helps with our workflow because we can finish off the job after hours, and we can make sure the received parts fit without needing to return to your location. Once done, it's easier to schedule a drop-off time that works for both parties.

  • Services DO NOT INCLUDE the cost of any parts needed for repair. These costs will be quoted to you upon inspection of the bike, or during the booking process. Parts Installation may incur additional labor charges, which will be quoted to you upon inspection of the bike. Please see individual labor charges on the Services and Pricing page.

- Payment.

  • Payment of invoices is required on the day of completion, or on/before delivery to the customer.

  • Minimal to no change may be available at the time of service. If you'd like to pay with cash, please carry the correct change. If the change isn't correct, we will round up.

- Storage of bikes.

  • Bikes held for pick-up and drop-off servicing where a return time cannot be agreed upon, or payment is not made, will be held for a maximum of 30 days, at which point they will be disposed of.

- Damage while in possession.

  • The business takes no responsibility for existing damage on customers' bicycles.

  • The business takes no responsibility for perceived damage to customers' bicycles that are supposed to have occurred during service or transport. Perceived refers, but is not limited to “not feeling right”, “not looking right”, and “not how it was given to the mechanic.”

  • The business takes no responsibility for damaged bolts, fasteners, fastening interfaces, threads, or mounting surfaces. If bolts are rounded out, snapped, or otherwise damaged, replacements may be sourced from our holding of assorted fasteners, however may not be available at the time of booking.

By booking a service with The Rapid Wrench Mobile Bicycle Mechanic, you agree to all the above terms and conditions.

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