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Frequently Asked Questions

Service areas

What areas of Melbourne do you service?
Please check the footer of this website for our current coverage of Melbourne, or give Mike a call if you're unsure.

We recently launched a new pricing model that allows us to expand our coverage. This includes a free call-out zone, within 10km of Richmond, Surrey Hills and Oakleigh, with a cost of $4 per km for any additional distance in one direction.

June 23 Map Update 4 dollar callout CROPPED.jpg
Group and Referral Discount

Do you do group services?

Yes. Group services for three bikes or more can be done at discounted rates at the one location. Get your riding buddies, family, or collleagues together so you can all save! The most common discount is 10% off the service cost, when 3 or more General Service (or bigger) services are purchased.


Where can I find information about your terms, conditions, operating policies and proceudres?

You can find all that information in the T&C page of our website. We have lots of infomation about how we resolve problems, how we work around the nuances of working out on-site, parts and delivery info, no-shows and late-ness, discression, leaving your bike at an address, payments, storage and damage. We even cover customer responsibilites. Click this text to reach the T&C's page.

So how can I trust the quality of your service and skills?

At The Rapid Wrench, customer satisfaction is so important to us so we make sure that our service is at the top of our game, always. We're always listening, learning, and being proactive with new training, tools and technology. We're building quite the reputation for our service and skill set, so why not check us out on Facebook, WOMO- Word-Of-Mouth-Online, and Google Reviews to see over 900+ reviews by our customers.

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Spare parts

Do you stock parts?
Our vans stock an assortment of hi-quality spare parts to all his jobs. We stock genuine Shimano and SRAM drivetrain parts, and everything from cables to brake pads, grips, tires, fork seals, even spare nuts and bolts. 


However not all parts or quality levels can be kept in the service vehicle. If you need something specific it should be arranged ahead of time where possible.

You Provide We Fit

Will you fit the parts that I bought online?

What a common question. All too often consumers are getting attitude from bike stores when bike parts are bought for cheap online and off-shore, especially when the store has spent their time offering their precious sales advice. We know you love cheap online pricing, and still want quality advice. Mike will happily talk you through upgrade options, then expertly fit them for you, without the fuss and negativity!

Do I need to book a service?
Yes. The best way is to contact Mike is by mobile on 0416 177 802 . If you can't reach him then leave a message or email. Mike will get back to you rapidly!

What days do you operate?
We do call-outs from Monday to Friday. We are closed on public holidays. Operating times are 8.00am - 6.00. Times are negotiable based on the tasks and availability during each week, so please give Mike a call to see if he can meet you after hours, if you can only do after hours.

What methods do you accept as payment

For payment on-site, we can accept Visa, Mastercard, bank transfer, and PayPal. Good old-fashioned cash works fine to - please note that we don't carry change with us. If you don't have the correct cash amount, the amount will need to be rounded up.

Is all servicing done on site?
We will travel to your home and business with the tools and spares necessary to complete most jobs. In rare occasions, your bike may need to be taken 'back to the lab' to continue its' pampering session. Your bike will be returned at an agreed time.

How long does a service take?
Approximately 80 minutes for a General Service, 2-3 hours for a Pro service, and 3.5-5 hours for a full strip and service. A full bike build from scratch can take 3-5 hours. Please note, if you don't think you time to be present during the service, you're more than welcome to leave or not be present for the whole appointment. We often work on customers bikes at home when they're gone. We can follow instructions to lock them up once we're done and send you an invoice.

Do you service all styles of bikes?

We have worked on thousands of different bikes through our time in the industry, and owned most of the available styles too! It will be hard to find a bike too specialized for us to work on. We do mountain bikes, road bikes, commuter bikes, cargo bikes, e-bikes, tandem bikes, recumbent bikes, trikes and even fitness bikes.

Do you take on hi-tech race set-ups?

Those jobs are the most fun! We do speciality work on both road and mountain bikes including:

- Hydraulic brake bleeds

- Suspension fork strip/rebuild with new seals and oil

- Suspension spring rate and shim changes

- Shimano Di2 set-ups, retrofits and tunes

- Road and mountain tubeless tire setups

- Wheel building and truing

- Wheel hub conversions

- Speedo and Garmin calibration

Do you do bike fitting?

Yes, but only in its fundamental form. We also do general suspension setup using out many years of mountain biking and coaching experience.


A proper bike fit can be essential to advanced riders, and quite worthwhile to the average rider; but it's best left to the experts in that field. WE can refer you on to the best people in your area.

What if your pricing Menu does not list what I need?
Have you seen the individual repairs pricelist ? If what you need isn't there, and you have a specific job in mind, call us for a quick quote.


Will you build up a bike from the box for me?

Yes. Bike builds are from $80 for most bikes, up to $200 for complicated high-performance bikes such as triathlon race bikes, or downhill bikes including suspension setup. The minimum time required for any bike is 30 minutes. Dropper posts, tubeless, and handlebar/lever setup can be done at this time too. Building is charged at our general labor rate: $110 per hour. Keep in mind out minimum labor charge.

Will you also re-box bikes for travel?

If you are traveling with you're pride and joy then you want to make sure that disaster does not strike due to impatient baggage handlers. During our time in wholesale, we re-packaged hundred of bikes for overseas travel. Leave it to the experts so your frame is unscratched and unharmed. He'll even show up with a cardboard box if requested! This service is $50.


Will you be the wrench at my event?

Yes. Our services are often requested for large point to point rides, mountain-bike and road crit races, and personal support. Contact us to talk about you're requirements.

Our previous event experience includes:


4 x MS Melbourne Cycle

4 x Peter Mac Ride To Conquer Cancer

5 x 2XU Triathlon Series

5 x Victorian Downhill Series

5 x Alpine Gravity Enduro Victoria

1 x National Enduro Series - Victoria stage at Falls Creek with Blue Dirt

4 x Ride To Work service days

1 x VicRoads TAC Happy Riders safe riding promotion

1 x Festka Bikes/Bicycle Buyer demo days and brand launch

5 x Bikes for Tykes charity mechanic

1 x FACCI TDF Annual luncheon

- Road bike, on-ride support days

- Many mechanics group training sessions

- Many school fleet service days

- Many service days within the bike cages at big city buildings

- Many big days helping groups of riders with boxing and unboxing of bikes, ready for air travel.


*current as of July 2023


Are you able to teach me or my organisation the art of bicycle mechanics?

Yes! Find everything you need to know here.

Do you have any tips on regular bike maintenance intervals?

Sure, download the PDF document below by clicking the icon

Can you supply a checklist about the condition and safety of my bicycle?

Sure, download the PDF document below by clicking the icon. This form can be provided with any service or quote.

Do you come out to do a quote only? What happens if I have a booking for a service/repair, and when you get here you find out that the repairs aren't worth doing due to extensive costs?

Unfortunately, we don't offer 'quotes only' due to the generally low cost of the work in comparison to the travel time and cost to get to your location. Salesmen in other industries generally quote for free due to selling product worth thousands of dollars- that isn't the case for us. However, we can give you a pretty close price range for 95% of jobs based on our years of experience. Sending us photos of what you're dealing with by email can also be a big help.


On the very rare occasion that we are already on-site, and determine that the work is not economically viable, we will simply charge you our minimum call-out fee of $130 (applied to most of Metro Melbourne. The fee will be based on the time and costs taken to get to your location, and nothing more.

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