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Custom Bike Builds

Will you build up a bike from the box for me?


Yes of course! I love doing a full custom build up for my clients. Having a bike made with the parts specifically chosen for your price and purpose is one of the many great feelings a cyclist can have. I find as much pleasure from constructing your new pride and joy as you will experience being entertained for many kilometers to come!.


What does it cost, how long does it take, and whats included?


Our general on-site rate is $110/hr.

- Bike builds are from generally from $300-400 for most bikes, including complicated high performance bikes such as triathlon or downhill race bikes. The overall cost is dependant on time, with the minimum time required for a general build being roughly 3 hours. The most complex bike builds can last for 5-7 hours. It will get built properly with all the little details thrown in! The bike can be taken to my house workshop to be completed overnight if required.


- A custom build will include: suspension setup, shorten hydraulic brake and dropper post hoses, internal cable routing, headset pressing, steerer shortening, bottom bracket installation, suspension pivots checks, shock installation, and gear hanger alignment. Handlebar/lever setup, saddle height, and suspension adjustments can be completed at this time to, once the bike is up and rolling.


Will you supply the bike and parts, or can I supply my own?


- I can't supply you a frame, but I can most certainly source all the parts and accessories you require from Australia's mainland cycling distributors. I'm not like a bike store. I'm completely un-biased and am happy with work with any brands you have in mind.


- Do you prefer to shop online? No dramas- you can supply all the parts you need for the build. I can even guide you through the purchasing process, or give you some advice on choosing the right gear for your purposes!

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