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The Rapid Wrench is a specialist when it comes to working with LOTS of bikes at once. Every week we help organisations and businesses to keep their bike fleets in check. The difference that sets US apart from other service providers when working with many bikes in one session, is we still treat EVERY bike as OUR OWN and make sure to spend enough time on them to get them right.


We also have the ability to combine our Fleet Servicing with our Mechanics Classes. This means we are able to teach your employees how to build, repair, and maintain your businesses bikes (and their own).


TRWM is also able to provide releif work to bike businesses on a casual/fill-in basis. If you're a bike store/distributor/wholesaler/representative who needs specialist help with little notice, Mike and Wayne can help. They both have had over a decade of experience in many sides of the cycle industry. Give them a call to see how he can help you.


You may also be interested in our Events abilities.


"No matter what your organisation is, let us take care of you. We handle large bulk servicing jobs, staff or client bikes, teach bike care skills to staff, assemble new bikes, and more"

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The Rapid Wrench can take care of:

- New Bike building from the box

- On-going service arrangements

- Repairs on-demand at your location

- Staff training on maintenance and care

- Assistance with bike storage installation and care

Our approach - 

We do fleet servicing for many schools, rowing clubs, camping stores, police and medical departments, end-of-trip facilities, etc. Most schools take the approach of hiring us for the day and seeing how much we can get done. With our expertise, we decide which bikes are worth spending the time and money on, and which are not. We'll approach each bike service with an economic cost to repair in mind, and if any one-bike seems to be a blowout cost-wise, we'll get it approved by the department representative before moving forward. As bikes get retired, we can also assist with removing usable spare parts from them and/or purchasing new bikes. 

Time per bike -

For school fleets, our aim is to work on the most urgent safety and performance-related repairs first and foremost. We skip a lot of cleaning and degreasing that would be done for a private bike owner. The aim is to make it a cost-effective undertaking. Usually, we would spend 1.5 hours on a $130 General Service for a private client. For schools, we're committing between 15-45 mins per bike, or whatever we see fit - bikes requiring more service and parts will be approved beforehand.


General labor rate for all work including diagnosis, repair, and service: $110 per hour, inc GST, plus parts when required.

Full-day rate - hire one mechanic for x hours in a single day at a discount: 

- 8 hours: $799 ($100/hr)
- 10 hours: $950 ($95/hr)
- 12 hours: $1120 ($93/hr)


Call-out fees -

Our call-out fee-free zone stretches across a vast majority of metro Melbourne. For any addresses outside this zone, a fee may apply, especially for the far outer suburbs. Please check the quotation system on the footer of our website to see what this may be, or call us for a quote.

Parts -


Below are some of the common low-cost items that may need replacing if they break or wear out. It is normal to replace these items as standard within our service offering. If your organization requests us to check with you before replacing these items, we can do that.

Cables $5, pads $20-30, chains $25-40, cassettes $35-45, tires $35+, tubes $10, rim tape $8.


Budget and limits - We are able to work within a pre-set maximum budget if that's what you require. 

Did you know Good Cycles offers on-site servicing? Our mechanics can come to your workplace and service you and your colleagues bikes!

Our professional bike mechanics can come to your end-of-trip-facility, office, apartment block, school or corporate event day to conduct bicycle tune ups while you or your employees work and play.

Our Mechanic's can either be booked for a half day, or whole day, depending on the need of your workplace.

This is a great way for building managers, body corporates and businesses to encourage employees into the office and promote health and well-being!

Stolen from good cycles

Want us to come to your workplace and have our expert mechanic’s provide safety checks and tune-ups for your employees or colleagues? We offer on-site servicing for businesses who are proactive about healthy lifestyles, and want to offer an extra incentive to employees who cycle to work. 

On the morning of the booking, our mechanic will be in the bike-parking area to meet and receive bikes as your building’s riders arrive. Our mechanics can assess as many as 15 bikes in a booked period, with an emphasis on safety & preventative maintenance. 

Got a special event that’s focussed on sustainability, community, or education? Have us attend the event to provide tune-ups to your patrons. Availability is often limited, so we suggest making a booking in advance. (Special discounts available for other Not-for-Profits and Community Groups)

Handsome discounts are available provided that a full or half days work is to be completed.


Clients are billed by the hour at an agreed rate for bike stores and cycle industry businesses.


Please contact us by phone or email to get a quote:


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