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All it takes is one

I bet you didn't think of it, but we can supply and install bicycle-specific storage and display features into homes, garages, and workplaces! Whether you have just one or a fleet of bicycles (even more importantly for a fleet) we can help you secure them, display them, and make your life that little bit easier.


Space-saving, user-friendliness, and safety

We attend to call-outs at many different locations, and we get to see many different ways of storing bicycles. Some of them simply take up too much space due to poor design and installation, some of them are unsafe and at risk of damaging the bike or user! Some bike storage is non-ergonomic, and some bike storage is just non-existent!

While we're already there

We have a few tricks up my sleeve to install cost-efficient, attractive, and user-friendly bike storage devices. So why not have me treat your home or office to service while I'm there working on your bike?

A tradie's quality installation with a bikers touch

We'll bring the knowledge, the plan, and the tools. You can relax knowing you have a professional to handle your pride and joy. Experience fittings that won't fall off the wall, and will work with the space you've got.

Bike Storage and Displays

Vertical wall hooks


This is the most common type of storage due to its easy mounting. Simply walk your bike holding the handlebars and pull the front wheel in to the air. You can use your knee on the saddle, and your hands on the handlebars to gently lift the bike on to the hook.


You can also "top and tail" the bikes, meaning one is mounted on on the front wheel and the next is mounted on the rear wheel- this means you can fit bikes together in a closer space, and allows room for wide mountain bike handlebars.


These hooks can be installed in so many ways, all it takes is a little creativity.

Parallel wall hooks


Parallel hooks keep the bike closer to the wall. Its the best method to not only store a bike, but to DISPLAY the bike neatly. This orientation uses more wall space, but does make way for movement next to, and underneath the bike.


It is also a great method for hanging the bike above head height. This is because you can lift the bike by the rear seat stays and the forks, and easily lift it above your head on to a high parallel hook.


Hooks such as the Cycloc wall mount look great, come in a range of colors for in-home matching, and have a hole for a lock to run through it, and around the bike.


Some hooks have an extending arm that can fold against the wall when not in use.

Bike poles or bike towers


  • Holds two (up to four) bikes and can be set up in a room, house, or shop.

  • The main pillar is made of lightweight and durable alloy tubing.

  • Adjust the height between 1.7m to 3.1m

  • The bike cradle can individually adjustable +/- 35 degrees angle with alloy band.

  • The cradles are fully position adjustable with alloy band.

  • Top rubber cup contains a strong spring for secure installation

  • Metal ring reinforced pillar joint

  • Can hold up to 4 bikes (2 on front, 2 on back) by adding optional cradles

  • Mini-velo or kids bike also available


Ceiling hooks and ceiling pulleys


Bike Lift Ceiling Pulley Systems

Store your bike easily and out of the way with a ceiling bike lift. It raises and holds any bike up to 50 lbs, and features a special locking mechanism to prevent accidental release. Perfect for a dorm room, studio apartment or garage. Securing to the ceiling, it allows you to take advantage of unused ceiling space to store your bike, and can be mounted up to 14 feet high. The pulley system handles the brunt of the force, so it requires very little effort on your part. Simply hook the bike handlebar and seat to the included hooks and pull the lift rope to raise the bike to its ceiling-mounted storage position


Gladiator Claw ceiling hook

With its unique Push-Lock mechanism, the Gladiator Claw provides the shortest distance between “grab” and “go”. All it takes is one simple motion to hang or release your bike. The sturdy plastic arms can hold both adult and kid-size rides, keeping them up off the ground and ready for your next spin. It gives you convenient and flexible storage solutions for adult-and children-sized bicycles. More than your average bike hanger, this unit installs and repositions on any Gladiator® Wall System, making it easy to keep bikes off the floor but easily accessible. This unit’s push-lock mechanism allows homeowners to quickly hang and secure bikes without any hassle.


Common bike storage solutions put to use at home

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