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Bike Builds From-The-Box

Will you build up a bike from the box for me?


Yes. Bike builds are from $70 for most bikes, up to $200 for complicated high-performance bikes such as triathlon race bikes, or downhill bikes including suspension setup. The minimum time required for a general build is 30 minutes. Dropper posts, tubeless, and handlebar/lever setup can be done at this time to. We spend time making sure the bike is fully setup including adding accessories, setting up the ergonomics on the handlebars, controls, and also your seat height.


When would you need your bike built from the box?


- Supermarket bikes


Have you bought a budget bike from one of the big chain brands? They usually come in a box labeled "90% built, all tools included". It seems promising but realistically it becomes a nightmare. Building a bike properly, safely, and to last is something best left to the professional- even when it comes built by the salesperson at the 'superstore', most times they are set up very poorly and unsafely.


Let The Rapid Wrench help you set up your new ride properly from the start, saving you money in the long run by not having parts breaking, wearing out, or falling off the bike!


- Online purchases


If you've bought a bicycle from an online E-tailer then you might not feel like building it roughly by yourself, and you might not want to explain to the local bike store where and why you didn't buy it from them. The Rapid Wrench is NOT biased of what bikes or parts you purchase, or from where.


I'll set up your bike perfectly at your door. I can even set up your dropper post, tubeless tires, brake/shifter positioning, shock setup- sag, rebound, compression, etc.


- Interstate second-hand purchases


This is even more crucial- a second hand bike has likely been crashed numerous times, especially if it's a mountain bike. Even IF sellers are honest, theres chances that they just aren't aware that their gear has problems, and now it belongs to you. Parts of the bicycle could also be damaged by sellers that don't pack the bike well, or dodgy freight companies.


Let me save you an incident out on the road or trail. I'll give your second hand bike an in-depth look-over once it arrives, check for cracks in the frame and damaged to any other areas while I build it back up.


- Bicycle travel


Anyone mad about bikes travels with their bikes! Mike has done it dozens of times. It pays to have your bike re-built properly after slogging it half-way around the world in a tight box or bag. It also eases the pain and stress of jetlag, and getting back in to the routine! Mike can also PACK your bike for travel on your way out.


- Warranty


Having to send your bike away to get looked at because its damaged is never fun, but from time to time it happens. When the distributors of the products are interstate, let The Rapid Wrench dis-assemble your goods to be sent off and built back up professionaly. Of course, the first point of call should always be your place of purchase.

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